A collaboration between two former bandmates. A duo which decided to go solo. After their band Alquin stopped performing, Michel van Dijk and Ferdinand Bakker decided to make their own album, just titled LONE. They embarked on a quest of musical experimentation, a search for the stories and references that inspired them both. It was at these crossroads of mutual inspiration that their journey became most interesting, resulting in five more albums: “View from the bridge”, “Ten Songs”, “Let it rain on me”, “Nr. 5” and their latest album titled “Isolated Heroes“.

“For the year 2023 this is some really great work, and it builds from song to song with no loss of quality, charm, nor—dare I say it— intelligence.

Dig in, if you will, and you’ll find your listening time rewarded with a great program of original compositions sung by Michel van Dijk with verve and grace, playing against the all-encompassing sound created by Bakker’s multi-instrumental prowess. Good stuff from start to finish!”

—John Sinclair
April 10, 2023